STRYDE is a physical activity brand for children that offers birthday parties, obstacle courses and private classes that promote positive physical and mental growth in an exciting environment.

Through a combined 10+ years in the fitness and health industries, our founders Robbie, Henry and Filly realised there was a distinct lack of immersive physical activities for children that offered a balance of positive physical and mental growth, hence STRYDE was born. 




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At STRYDE we throw a proper Birthday! All of our parties are activity based whether it is a classic STRYDE party with an array of epic games or a mega thirty-person water balloon battle. Regardless of your child’s choice, they cannot wait for next year!

Whether your child would like sport specific training, increased core strength or simply stress relief for exams, we can create a tailored programme with an expert trainer to suit your child’s requirements. 

Think big. Think really big! Our enormous inflatable obstacle course will provide hours of running, jumping and climbing in an invigorating environment. The parents almost always want a go!



Physical Growth

All of our activities are designed to promote positive physical growth in an encouraging environment

Confidence Building

We strive to instil confidence in every child that attends our activities so they leaving feeling positive about themselves and their abilities

Team Work

We instil positive team work and interaction between peers that will lay the foundations as they move through school and into later life  





Robbie attended Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, where he naturally developed a passion for sports and fitness. Playing Rugby for the County and competing in National Level Athletics, he flourished as an all-round Sportsman.

Robbie spent three years studying Sports and Coaching at Oxford Brookes University alongside playing county rugby and selection for England students. Since then Robbie has built a successful career in Personal Training at Matt Roberts and KX as well as spending three years as a sports coach and young persons trainer at Garden House school. This lead Robbie to help establish a number of reputable children’s gyms around the UK that specialize in muscle growth through gymnastics and inter-peer games.




After graduating from the University of Southern California, Becca became a qualified early years teacher and has since gained over four years experience in the education of young under-served children across the United States.

Following her teaching career, Becca was heavily involved in an Educational technology company that worked with teachers to provide online feedback on student learning. She has since moved to London with her husband to complete her yoga certification and has been coaching children and adults since.




Henry was educated at St Edwards Oxford where he was a prefect and captained the school athletics team. He has played rugby to a national level and has competed at the same standard in track athletics.

After studying Classics at the University of Nottingham, Henry helped establish a healthcare business that specialized in cardiovascular issue detection in the young. Wanting to further his knowledge of the correlation between fitness and health in young persons, Henry has become a fully qualified gym instructor and personal trainer before joining forces with Robbie and Filly!




Filly was educated at Stowe School where she was an accomplished sportsman and the University of Leeds where she studied Theatre and Performance.

Since leaving university, Filly has built a career in the wellness and yoga industry working with numerous reputable London based firms. After coaching adults for a number of years she specialised in youth training after becoming aware of the positive effects that wellness has if introduced from an early age.